Get your Yard Spring Ready!

by Garden Winds

Springtime is about a few months away, but with the recent weather conditions being cold, damp and miserable, we can’t wait until we feel and see the first rays of sun shine through our window panes. If you’re brave enough to handle the weather, maybe it’s time to get a jump start on cleaning your yard in time for spring. If not, then it’s time to get a to-do list started, so when Mr. Sun starts appearing, your yard will be ready.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get your yard warm weather ready:


There are a lot of seeds you can plant in the winter time just in time for spring. Take seeds and sow them in containers that allow air to ventilate and leave outdoors, acting as its own greenhouse. Once it gets warmer, the seeds start to germinate and grow. The little seedlings can then be transplanted onto a garden bed and will be ready by the time spring comes. Some seeds that are great for sowing are: petunias, foxgloves, calendula, cabbage, chard, carrots and kale.


Get a head start on spring cleaning with winter cleaning, indoors as well as outdoors! As most time is spent indoors, the inside of the home can get dirty and messy. Start by dusting dressers, tables and cabinets – these can collect dust easily and are often overlooked when cleaning. You may also want to clean windows as well, so give them a good wipe down with a glass cleaner. It might also be a good idea to disinfect door knobs, dresser drawers and other handles too.

If you clean the indoors, might as well clean outside. Sweep or rake any dead leaves or dirt from the front porch or backyard deck. Clean out the gutters too! Gather fallen branches and twigs, too. Use a power washer to remove any dirt that’s accumulated during winter. Wipe down patio furniture as the metal and wicker frames can tend to get dirty as well. Same goes for gazebo and swing frames – be sure to clean the metal structure to be ready for sunny days ahead!


Pruning trees and bushes will help them to grow faster in the spring time and a good way to help plants thrive. When deciding on when to trim, choose a day that is mild and dry. For trees, prune branches that are broken, dead or are diseased. Then cut off any other branches that have overgrown as well as smaller branches. The goal, when pruning is to maintain the structure/shape of the tree. Pruning bushes helps control its size. Follow the same guideline for trees: remove oldest and tallest growth first and then remove any growth that is dead. This ensures the health of the bush and allows it to grow come spring.


You deserve a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Once you have cleaned the inside and outside of your house, enjoy a nice hot cocoa next to a fire pit! Cleaning in general is no easy task. You can wait until spring to start cleaning, or you can get a headstart today! If you have any tips to share, please send us an email at

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