Take Romance Outdoors – Ideas for Celebrating Love Outside

by Garden Winds

Love is all around us and romance is always in the air. There are billions of ways to celebrate love for that person that’s in your heart. Why not take romance outside and show that person how much they mean to you with a few ideas for enjoying one another’s company.

Picnic in the Backyard


Instead of being cooped up inside a stuffy and packed restaurant where it’s noisy and pretentious, why not enjoy a picnic for two right outside your patio door. Make sandwiches and grab your favorite snacks or buy a simple meal from your favorite restaurant along with a nice bottle of wine and pack it all up in a trendy picnic basket that’s complete with utensils, plates, napkins and mini flutes. Be sure to take a comfortable blanket to picnic on and an extra one just in case the weather is cool. A picnic is a low-key romantic date that is intimate and special.

Walk around the Neighborhood


Take a romantic stroll with your partner around the neighborhood. Walk hand in hand as you explore the outdoors. Talk about your day and reminisce about the good old times or good times to be had. It’s a great way to get exercise and a chance to be able to engage in meaningful and direct conversation. Once the walk is done, enjoy a hot or cold beverage on the lighted patio deck and relax together under the stars.

Candlelight Dinner on the Deck


What isn’t romantic and sweet about a candlelit dinner in your very own backyard? Set the mood with patio lights hung around the perimeter of the deck. Get the firepit or fireplace going to add ambiance. Decorate the patio table with a white tablecloth and set a simple floral arrangement as the centerpiece. Add lit candles to make it even more romantic. Open a bottle of vintage wine and have a glass as dinner is being delivered via the many different delivery apps out there. The greatest part is that the dinner is a reservation for just the two of you.

Read or Listen to a Book Together while Sharing a Hammock


Cuddle close with your significant other by sharing a hammock while reading or listening to a book. A date doesn’t have to be about going out and doing something. Sometimes it’s just the simple things like spending quality time together that makes it romantic. Books about love and relationships are good because you can share the insight and discuss your relationship. If that’s getting too deep, dive into a fictional book that’s suspenseful and edge of your set. Or enjoy a sudsy romantic novel while snuggling in the hammock.

Plant a Love Garden


Show your love and how it grows by planting a flower or vegetable garden together. It’s ok if you don’t have green thumbs, gardening is an activity to be enjoyed as a couple because you get vitamin D and exercise. Depending on the time of the year, plant vegetables and flowers that match with the season. Pick an area in the back or front yard, it doesn’t have to be big to be special and take gardening tools and soil and start planting the seeds. You can designate the garden as your “Garden of Love” by creating a sign with both of your names on it. Then watch it grow just like the love you have for one another.

Anything you do with your significant other is time well spent; memories will be created with a lifetime of many more to have. Just showing appreciation and affection in the little things you both do and share as a couple is well worthwhile. Continue the romance and the love.

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