Spring Backyard Trends 2020

by Garden Winds

Yay! Spring is here! Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to get your outdoor space ready for entertaining. Whether it’s planting a lovely floral garden, growing your own vegetables, or setting up a decorative and functional outdoor living and dining area, your outdoor space is your haven, a special place to relax and retreat from the outside world. Here are a few backyard trends to get you inspired to create your home away from home.

Outdoor Kitchens


Many backyards have become the focal point of a home as an extension of the indoors. Stylish patio furniture along with structures for shade such as a gazebo or umbrella have elevated and increased time spent outdoors. It is another place to relax and entertain and the outdoor kitchen and dining area is becoming a fast trend for those that love to be outside. Landscaping the yard includes the design of the outdoor dining area, complete with a refrigerator, dining table and chairs, bar and grill. You can even add a TV to enhance the backyard experience.

Choose a Pergola over a Gazebo


Gazebos remain a popular backyard fixture because it provides shade and creates an outdoor room, again another extension of the home. But pergola structures are gaining in popularity because they are simple and stylish, providing just enough shade, yet allowing a little sun to shine through. Commonly, pergola frames are custom built with wood material, with most of them built right outside the patio door. Custom built pergolas can get pricey and will last a lifetime. However, pergolas are also made out of metal that are economical in price with easy assembly. The difference between a metal and wooden pergola frame is the metal frame comes with a fabric canopy for shade whereas a wooden pergola will not. Visit your local hardware store or national chain store for this season’s selection of pergola frames.

Create a Garden for Pollinators


If you love the bright and vibrant colors of spring while helping bees do their thing and pollinating, then grow a garden simply for that purpose. A pollinator is an “animal that cause plants to make fruit or seeds by moving pollen from one part of the flower of a plant to another part” The pollen fertilizes the plant, producing fruit and/or seeds. Bees, birds, bats, butterflies and moths. “Pollinators reproduce 90% of flowering plants are in decline. Planting your own garden for pollinators will be a big trend this year as communities work to help grow pollinator populations. Plants such as sunflowers, roses, violets and trees such as apple and cherry attract pollinators, so consider planting them in your garden or yard.

Grow a Little Vegetable Garden


For those of us that don’t have green thumbs, yet want to grow your own vegetables, you can start out by creating a little garden using a raised garden bed. The raised garden beds add a little bit of style to your outdoor space. Especially if you are starting out small, there are raised garden beds in a 4 x 4 size that is available at your local outdoor/hardware store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Made out of wood and/or wood composite, all you need to do is set up an area in your yard where the vegetables will thrive with plenty of sun. The raised garden beds are easy to assemble and don’t take up much room and are inexpensive and a great way to separate them from other areas of your yard. Select seeds from a few of your favorite vegetables you want to plant. Remember to purchase soil to help the plants grow and make sure that you have enough space for your vegetables to grow and thrive! Reference online for additional suggestions and to-dos.

These backyard trends for this year are sure to keep one busy for the next few months, but once your DIY project is complete, you will have your backyard beautiful to enjoy spring and summer. Make your space your own!

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Bee Flower - Photo by Aaron Burdeon on Unsplash

Raised Garden Bed – HGTV.com

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