Outdoor Living Trends for 2018

by Garden Winds

New Year, New Yard? The outdoor space right outside your home can be a getaway all in itself. And you don’t have to leave your home to experience the wonders of nature. Because 2018 is here, maybe it’s a good time to rethink about redoing your backyard. Or if you like your yard just the way it is, the addition of a few decorative touches may just be what your yard needs to make it your very own outdoor getaway.

Here are a few outdoor living trends for 2018 that may spark a few design ideas for your yard.

Water Fountains


Whether big or small, outdoor water fountains have a serene, relaxing, and calming effect. Fountains add style to any outdoor space and can be central to the landscape or a simple tabletop feature.  The sound of water flowing peacefully is sure to make anyone feel as if they are one with nature.

Smart Technology


If you have a smart home, why not have a smart yard? There are many different outdoor gadgets and devices that can be used. Consider a smart lawn mower that you can control via Bluetooth from an app on your mobile phone. For those that like to spend time gardening and have a green thumb, try a garden sensor. Garden sensors can detect the amount of light, the outside temperature and whether or not your soil has the right amount of nutrition and moisture. These garden sensors can be controlled via Wi-Fi, so you know how your garden is growing.

Multi - Colored Lighting


Multi-colored lighting is not just reserved for the holidays anymore. Different lighting styles are the new trend and can be left outdoors all year round. There is lighting that can be reflected off a wall or outdoor space, or decorated around a gazebo or pergola structure. There are even lights that dance, adding a festive nature to any backyard area. Outdoor lights are fairly affordable, and the ideas for its use to create a fun environment are endless.

Natural vs. Glitzy


The trend before was to have lavish outdoor décor intended to be flashy, bold, bright and glamorous. Now, in 2018, the backyard trend is to go back to nature, and incorporating lush greenery and the use of natural materials that complement surrounding yard space.

Comfortable Seating


Extend the inside of your living room outside with the addition of cushy and comfortable patio seating. Many big box retail stores as well as local furniture stores offer outdoor patio sets designed for backyard spaces. The patio sets sold have plush cushions and sleek frame designs that add a level of luxury and style.

Your backyard space is what you make it and can design it in a style that’s all your own. Make sure to take time and enjoy it!

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