Keeping Bugs Away from the Yard

by Garden Winds

Flies, ants, mosquitoes, bees, gnats, spiders, oh my! The presence of bugs in the backyard can really put a damper on any outdoor festivity, whether it be a party or a relaxing afternoon spent outside enjoying the warm weather. These bugs are a nuisance and create a little bit of discomfort for any type of outdoor get together, such as bee sting, and ants getting into food. As the summer season draws to a close, here are a few tips and suggestions on keeping those pesky bugs away.

Citronella Candles

A citronella candle is one way of keeping mosquitos and other bugs away when enjoying an outdoor summer barbecue. The oils from the candle help to repel the bugs from hanging around by hiding smells and scents, specifically carbon dioxide and lactic acid in humans. The good thing about the use of the candle is that it is safe and is not toxic and is a natural way of keeping bugs away.

Reflective Water Reservoir

Filling a clear plastic bag and hanging them outside is a natural method that can be used to deter flies. It’s been said that the lights and shadows that refract from the water confuse flies, scaring them away. To be fancier and to add some style, re-purpose an old light bulb.

Select Bug Repellent Plants for the Garden

When deciding on which plants to and flowers to plant into the garden, buy ones that are not only pretty and colorful, but also repel bugs. Some suggested plants: lavender, marigold, mint, lemongrass, and petunias just to name a few. The natural, essential oils in these plants act as a repellent that is organic and eco-friendly. Adding a few of these types of plants to the outdoor landscaping helps.

Trim Yard and Get Rid of Standing Water

Keeping a clean and nicely trimmed yard is another way to keep insects from taking over your outdoor space. Trim any overgrowth around the yard as any tall grass or unkempt bushes as bugs thrive in that type of habitat. In addition, water that accumulates in a pot or bucket is the ultimate breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure to drain or get rid of any water that’s collected. This also goes for birdbaths and kiddie pools.

Though you are not going to get rid of all the bugs while enjoying your outdoor space, these tips and suggestions may help reduce their numbers. Summer is winding down, so make the most of it! And if you are in need of a canopy for your gazebo, swing or umbrella, make sure to visit Garden Winds today!

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