Holiday D├ęcor for the Outdoors

by Garden Winds

It’s that time of year again to deck the halls and trim the tree or whatever type of decorations gets you into the holiday spirit. It’s not enough to decorate inside the house as the outside of the house also needs to look just as festive. That’s when twinkling lights, mini trees, reindeer, snowmen and the like start appearing on the lawn. With so many different types and kinds of decorations out there to choose from, how can you stand out from the rest of your neighbors? What unique outdoor décor is there to add a little style but stay within the spirit of the season and not have it be over the top? If you haven’t started your holiday decorating just yet, here are few items worth taking a look at that may get heads turning and people talking this holiday season.

Hanging Garland for Front Door

A holiday wreath is commonly found hanging on every front door and a symbol of the season. Why not change it up and hang garland around the frame and on top of the door? Set the scene outdoors and provide a welcoming entrance to visitors near and far. Decorate the garland with ornaments or lights. For a woodsy look, attach pine cones. The garland in the picture uses fruit to adorn doorway. You can either use a fresh garland or one that’s fake. Just make sure that you are able to secure it properly around the door frame so that it doesn’t blow away.

Twinkling Curtain Lights

Another holiday decoration idea for the entryway or front door are twinkling curtain lights. The lights are sure to brighten any doorway for the holidays and add a little character and pizzazz to the outside of your home. Plus, they are easier to hang than lights that frame your house.

Oversized Ornaments

Who doesn’t like things that are large and oversized? Giant ball ornaments for the frontyard are a great addition to your outdoor holiday décor or look great as a stand alone decoration. You don’t want to overcrowd your lawn with an assortment of decorations, unless you just really love to decorate, to each his own! Choose from lighted or ornamental that look festive. These oversized ornaments in the photo are from Balsam Hill, check them out online

DIY Wood Tree

If you’re feeling creative and crafty, why not take something old and make it new? Take a few panels of wood from an old fence or pallet and make a Christmas tree. Add lights or tree ornaments with a star as a topper and stake the tree on the front lawn. You can either paint the wood a green color or leave it looking like reclaimed wood for a country chic look. Adding colorful ornaments and twinkling lights will add a touch of sparkle and warmth.

Those these are just a few suggestions on how to change your holiday decorations this holiday season, what you make and create is yours and yours alone. It’s all about the spirit of the season and celebrating love, family, and friendship. If you have any decorating ideas you’d like to share, we’ve love to hear them. Leave a post on our Facebook page or share a photo on Instagram. Just click on the links on the bottom of the website page. To all of our readers, customers and those that happen to read this, have a wonderful and fun holiday!




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