Getting Rid of Clutter in the Yard

by Garden Winds

It’s a new year! Time to say goodbye to old things, literally. With a fresh start to the new yar, now is a great time to rummage through your garage and yard and even inside your house and get rid of things you need, big or small. No, it’s not about going Marie Kondo on your stuff and considering each thing and whether or not you love it. It’s a matter of whether or not it’s dirty, rusty, broken, or simply cannot be used anymore. Take a look around your yard and house to determine what to get rid of, along with a few tips and suggestions when throwing stuff away.

Old Garden Furniture

If the patio set is worn out or no longer has any cushions, it’s best to send it off to get it recycled, if possible. Having the patio set sit out there and no longer serving its purpose just adds unnecessary clutter to the yard. And it also doesn’t look pretty to have old furniture just sitting there. Determine if the pieces can be recycled or donated for another purpose. If not, then it’s time to dump them.

Old Paint

Completed a painting project three years ago and there aren’t any plans to paint another room in your house the same color? Then it’s time to get rid of it. Don’t just throw the paint into the garbage. Do a local online search for a paint drop off site so that it can be disposed of properly, such as In most cases, the paint can be reused or recycled. Make sure that the lids on the paint cans are tight, no leakage when disposing of them.

Broken and Unused Pots and Containers

Time to say goodbye to planters and containers that you have no use for. If it’s broken, throw away. If it’s cracked and you are unable to repair it or don’t have the time to, throw it away. This is one less thing that’s hoarding in your backyard.

Broken or Old Gardening Tools and Equipment

Get rid of gardening tools and other equipment if they are worn out, rusty or cannot be used anymore. The great thing about tools is if they are made out of metal and have wood handles, can be sent straight to the recycling bin to be recycled. You’re another step closer to getting that yard spic and span.

Worn Out or Rusted Swing Sets, Bicycles and Toys

Say goodbye to that swing set and other yard toys that your now adult children have outgrown. Even though that old slide or training bike may have sentimental value, it is taking up space in the yard. The bike’s paint has chipped off and the bicycle seat cannot be found. The swing set that the kids loved to play on is no longer safe to play on.

Bring in the new and say goodbye to the old. It’s a new year with a clean backyard. There are many outdoor design ideas to consider once spring comes around. National chain stores are rolling out their spring line of backyard furniture and decor, tools and other delightful items that will make your outdoor space fun and entertaining again.

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