Fall Home Maintenance

by Garden Winds

The season is changing from summer to fall and it’s time to get ready for the leaves to change and the temperature to drop. Now is a good time to do a little maintenance in and out of your home in preparation for the winter season. Here is a checklist of things to do to get your home fall ready:

1.     Clean out your gutters


As the leaves change color and start falling to the ground, they’re bound to end up in your gutter. By not cleaning them, up, the leaves and debris get clogged up and can affect the outside of your home, but the inside as well.

2.    Bring outdoor furniture in


Though patio furniture is essentially made for outdoors, it’s best to take it in once the cold weather hits. Store cushions when not in use in a tightly sealed container. Make sure to clean off any dirt/debris with a brush and mild soap and water. Allow the cushions to dry completely before storing as you do not want mildew to occur while in storage. Cover tables and chairs with an outdoor furniture cover if it’s too much to drag into the garage or if there is no place to store them.

3.     Fertilize your lawn


Although you’re in the present of maintaining a sound home for fall, it can be best to also think ahead. To keep the lawn looking great in anticipation of spring and summer next year, get a head start and fertilize your lawn. This prevents damage from the winter elements and nurtures the roots of the grass. The grass will thank you later when come spring time it is lush and green!

4.    Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors


The best way to remember to check your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector is when daylight saving time occurs. Replace batteries if needed and test to determine if the smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector is operating as it should. This is important and can make the difference in an emergency.

5.    Check winter equipment


Make sure that outdoor equipment that you use during winter time is working. Examine the condition of the equipment and replace and/or repair as needed. This is also a good time to take stock of emergency kits inside the home and in cars. Examine flashlights, too and replace the batteries if needed. Don’t forget to also check the expiration date of the fire extinguisher as well.

6.    Schedule indoor/outdoor repairs


Survey the conditions outside your home, as well as inside to determine if any repairs need to be made. Look for signs of damage to the roof, siding, and foundation. Caulk any cracks that appear as this prevents heat from escaping. The same goes for indoors – check faucets for leaks and drips. Install weather stripping around windows – this helps prevent drafts and may lower the heating bill. If repairs are needed that’s beyond your scope of expertise something that you can just fix easily, schedule with a professional.

7.    Examine the condition of the frame of your gazebo, swing or umbrella, including canopy


If you don’t store your gazebo, swing or umbrella for the winter, it’s best to check for any signs of rust or wear and tear on the metal frame as the winter elements can affect the durability. For regions of the country that get winters, meaning snow falling, remove the fabric canopy from the frame and store away for the winter. Replace screws if they are rusty or as needed. If the frame is also getting rusty, repaint. Umbrella and swing covers are available for purchase on Amazon that can cover the entire metal frame and can be left outdoors for the entire winter. Unfortunately, there aren’t any covers for entire gazebo frames. By examining the metal frame of the gazebo and making any repairs or repainting can help withstand winter weather and be ready for when springtime rolls around

Hopefully these few tips and suggestions can help you become winter ready. It’s good to be a step ahead of the game so you can sip hot chocolate and read a good book instead of worrying about repairs. If you have any other tips and suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram. Questions? Email us at customerservice@gardenwinds.com

Photos courtesy of:

Alana Harris on Unsplash - window

Zachary Keimig on Unsplash - gutter

Irina Savchishina from Pixabay - indoor/outdoor repairs

Nadine Zarya from Pixabay - snowplow

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