Choosing the Best Canopy Retailer

by Charmaine Ferrer

Choosing the Best Online Gazebo Canopy Retailer to Buy From

You never thought that you would have to replace the canopy top for your gazebo, until it rips or shreds. With a perfectly good frame, what do you do? Where do you go?

In this modern technological age, the first thing to do would be to go online and start searching for a “gazebo replacement canopy”. The search brings up a myriad of results. Now what? How do you determine which online retailer to click on to begin looking for a replacement for your gazebo?


With many search results that come about from typing in “gazebo replacement canopy”, the online retail website that you will want to visit will be at the top of the search results page. If it is not the first, it will usually be in the top five. Also, if the online retailer is rated by Bizrate or Google, you can feel confident enough to visit the website because of customers’ feedback regarding that particular website, the products they sell, and the service they provide.

Canopy Selection

An online retailer that provides a wide selection of replacement canopies to choose from is the next criteria to consider when choosing the best online gazebo canopy retailer. An online retailer should have an assortment of custom fitting canopy tops for a specific gazebo frame. Different fabric grades and different colors can also attract a potential customer into ordering a replacement top.

The availability of the canopy, meaning if the item is in stock, is another good way to determine which website has inventory of the item you are in search of. If the canopy is in stock, and an order is placed, the item will ship the same day or the next day. If the item is not in stock, it is indicated by information on the website, with updates on the arrival of the canopy. If an order is placed, even though the item is on back order, a back order email notification is sent soon after.

Another way to determine the best online retailer for a replacement canopy is the ease in which the item is found on the website. The presentation and organization of the products aids the customer in helping them find what they are looking for. The website is neatly organized and the products categorized for customers to easily navigate through, with pertinent information such as model number, size, the store where the gazebo was purchased, etc. With a replacement canopy, one cannot rely on a picture of the top alone. Multiple photos of the gazebo frame help the customer figure out which top he or she should buy.

Checkout Process

Another quality a good online retailer of canopies has is the ease, safety, and security of the checkout process. The checkout process can turn the customer into a buyer, or turn them away completely if they are having difficulty finalizing a purchase, so the process itself must be easy to do. A simple checkout process requires that the customer be able to view the shopping cart, and to make any changes before entering a shipping address and credit card number. 

Next, the customer should feel confident enough to create an account, enter in information and provide a credit card number safely and securely. The website must be secured with a valid SSL certificate, which encrypts any information before the order is placed.  Once the checkout process begins, there is a small “lock” icon on the bottom right hand side frame of the browser.   This icon signifies that the customer has entered the secured part of the website.  The URL address bar will also begin with “https:” vs. the previous “http:” when a customer is just browsing for products.  The additional “s” in the “https:” is a universal signifier for “secured.” 

Customer Service

The best online retailer of replacement canopies provides superior and excellent customer service through many different media, such as: over the phone, through live chat, and email. The best online retailer has associates, meaning real people, and not automated voices, available to answer the phone during business hours. An associate can be reached on live chat, answering any questions a customer may have. In addition, the best online retailer responds to emails within 24 hours of receipt. Finally, the ability to look up an order and promptly place another order or address any issues, is another criteria to consider when choosing the best online retailer.

In alignment with excellent customer service, the best online retailer has an excellent return policy for all of its replacement gazebo canopy tops. If a canopy is ordered by determining that the model number matches the model number on the website, and it does not fit, the customer is able to return the item, no questions asked. The customer is issued a full refund, including shipping costs. The customer also has the option of receiving a one-time replacement of the canopy. Also, when it comes to returns, the online retailer will not charge a restocking fee.

The best online retailer stands by the quality of their products, and offers a six (6) months performance warranty. If, within six (6) months of purchase, for any reason the customer experiences any damage to the replacement canopy, such as: damage upon arrival; manufacturer’s defects including: stitching coming undone; Velcro straps tearing away from canopy fabric; grommet rings coming off; ripped netting, etc., a one-time replacement of the canopy is issued.

Choosing the right replacement canopy is not as simple as 1, 2, and 3. With so many different online retailers out there offering the same products, it is difficult to choose which one will fit the gazebo. But if there is a retailer out there that makes it easy to search, select, and order a top, then it can be as easy as 1, 2, and 3! That’s why Garden Winds is the premier online retailer of replacement canopies. They provide the largest canopy selection in the country, with available inventory to ship the order the same day or the next day. The ordering process is a breeze, with customer service associates ready to assist you on the phone, through Live Chat or email. Why wait to order a replacement canopy? Contact Garden Winds today so that you can enjoy your gazebo again!

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