Caring for Canopy and Gazebo Frame

by Garden Winds

With some parts of the country enduring record winter cold, the arrival of spring is a welcome thought. There is something to look forward to – warm, sunny days where you can enjoy the outdoors without seeing a foot of snow or bundling up as if you are headed for an adventure to the South Pole. For gazebo owners, it’s all about getting the yard and gazebo ready to welcome spring. Here are a few tips and suggestions to make sure that your gazebo is ready for entertaining or lounging around.

Examine Metal Frame

If your gazebo is stored away for the winter in a box in the garage, you probably don’t have to worry about the outdoor elements affecting the metal frame. It is important, however, to still examine each piece of the gazebo frame to make sure that all pieces (screws, ornaments, posts, panels) are there and intact and aren’t falling apart or are rusty.

If your gazebo is outdoors for the winter because it’s permanently installed on the deck or lawn, then you may need to examine it for any signs of wear and tear, mainly rust. For the most part, gazebo will have a powder coat of paint to help the frame withstand the outdoor elements. But over time and daily exposure, the frame starts to deteriorate. Check each piece of the frame for any signs of rust, including the screws or parts that keep the frame intact. If there are minor instances of rust or scratches, you can easily fix with touch up paint that can be purchased at any local hardware store or online marketplace. You may also need to replace the screws as well.

As long as all the pieces of the gazebo frame are not damaged, then it’s ok to go ahead and assemble it. But before you do….

Examine Your Canopy

Before you put the metal frame together, inspect the canopy to make sure that it is still in good condition. Check to see that there aren’t any rips or tears in the fabric. Exposure to sun and weather can affect the canopy’s lifespan. Note: because a canopy is made out of fabric, a canopy tends to last about one to three years, depending on the climate you live in. Depending on the damage, you can repair the canopy with canopy repair tape. If the canopy has enough damage where you think it won’t last a season, then it is time to replace the canopy. This is where Garden Winds comes in. Garden Winds offers aftermarket replacement canopies for gazebos sold at national chain stores. If you know the model number of your gazebo, you can visit online or call their customer service team, who will be happy to assist with finding the right replacement canopy for your gazebo. Don’t know the model number? You can email or text a photo of the frame. Text 707.800.4992 or email

If the canopy is not damaged, it might be dirty. Since the canopy has been on the frame for a few months or even year-round, the canopy will accumulate dirt over time. Clean the canopy with mild detergent soap and warm water using a soft brush and rinse the canopy clean. Allow the canopy to dry for at least 24 hours prior to installing the canopy. If the dirt is still visible, you may want to try using an outdoor fabric cleaner. Please refer to instructions on the outdoor fabric cleaner you purchase prior to using to clean the canopy.

Where to Find the Model Number

Looking to order a new canopy? As mentioned before, that’s where Garden Winds comes in! We can help you find the right canopy for your gazebo. For those that like to keep paperwork handy for items purchased, then it may be easier to find the canopy designed to fit your frame specifically. Refer to the assembly and/or instructions manual. The manufacturer model number can be found usually on the front page of the manual. You can also locate the model number on a tag on the original canopy, found on the underside.

For those that toss their manuals and their canopies away, don’t worry. Garden Winds can try to help you find the right canopy. All you have to do is text or email a photo of the entire frame in full view. Text a photo to 707.800.4992 or email a photo to We will reply within 24 to 48 hours a suggestion of a replacement canopy we believe will fit your frame. Please note that replacement canopies are not interchangeable with one another. Each gazebo is unique – which means that there is one canopy designed to fit that frame.

The spring season is a few months away, but it’s never too late to start planning for when the time comes. Thinking about sunny days is a welcome distraction from the cold and wet winter weather. The tips and suggestions mentioned above are just a checklist of things you can do to get your gazebo ready for outdoor entertaining. If you have any tips to share, we’d love to hear them. Let’s welcome spring with open arms!

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