Gazebo of the Year Best 10x10 Gazebo

Garden Oasis Peaked Top Gazebo

Gazebo Geeks Rating EXCELLENT

As Shown: $500

OEM Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Garden Oasis
  • Manufacturer's Model Number: GF-12S011B
  • Store Sku: 028W004015009000
  • Roof Type: Peak Crest
  • Approximate Frame Size: 10x10
  • Frame Shape: Square

Available at

  • Select K-Mart Retailers


 Garden Winds Gazebo Geeks Review

You will not see another gazebo like the Garden Oasis Peaked Top Gazebo. This gazebo makes a daring design statement in your yard. No one else on your block will have a gazebo that looks like the Garden Oasis Peaked Top Gazebo. The peaked doorways and pitched roof are bold and dramatic. This gazebo is as inventive and unique, as it is good looking. The canopy attaches via Velcro straps along the perimeter of the frame for a snug fit canopy that is easy to install. The frame is durable and sturdy. At $599, the Garden Oasis Peaked Top Gazebo is steep price to pay for a 10 x 10 gazebo, but its unique look will have guests talking about the gazebo for a long time to come.


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