Backyard Winter Party Ideas

by Garden Winds

Outdoor Winter Party

Don’t let the cold winter weather stop you from having fun outdoors. If it’s snowing outside or just plain cold, there are plenty of ways to enjoy time outside and right in your own backyard. Grab your winter coat and gloves and a warm holiday beverage because here are a few outdoor party ideas that will be sure to warm you up during the cold winter months.

Outdoor Bonfires

Gathering around a big bonfire during the cold winter months is a great way to entertain outdoors. Fire pits can be found in many backyards because they are affordable and stylish, and come in many different sizes. After enjoying dinner indoors, invite the dinner party to put their winter coats and gloves on and extend the evening outside, grab a few chairs and place around the fire pit. Add blankets to each chair, along with a mug and serve hot cocoa or a warm alcoholic beverage. It’s a great way to end the night.

Winter Barbecue

Nothing says winter like an outdoor barbecue. Yes, it’s cold, but food and drink are sure to warm the soul. Set up tables, one for food and one for drinks. For food, keep it simple, and serve dishes that are quick and easy to eat once they are off the grill, like shish kabobs. Prep them before heading outside, and place on a dish and grill to order. If you want everything to be ready and hot for your guests, set up chafing dishes with warmers on the food table. Even though the guests will be cold, the food will stay nice and warm throughout the evening

For the drink table, serve warm and cold beverages. For the kids, set up a hot cocoa station with all of the fixings, such as peppermint sticks and marshmallows and whipped cream. Make the cocoa ahead of time and place in a carafe or a beverage warmer. For the adults, set up a hot alcoholic beverage station such as egg nog or hot toddies. Be sure to name the beverages so your guests know which beverages they should enjoy. Serve cold drinks on ice in a big metal tub or cooler. Use of a small, outdoor refrigerator works as well.

Winter Backyard Movie Night

Why not take movie night outside? Set up a movie theater right in your own backyard. Grab patio chairs, benches, or outdoor cushions and blankets and arrange on the ground. Make a carafe of hot chocolate and make a batch of popcorn and other types of movie snacks before heading outside. When each guest has found a comfortable chair, provide each one with a bento box that includes a cup. Pour the hot chocolate and scoop popcorn and other goodies into their box. Now each guest is ready for the movie premiere!

For the screen where the movie will be projected, use the wall of the side of the house, or hang a white sheet anywhere you want to watch the movie. Screen projectors are made to be small and portable, are fairly cheap and can be found at any electronic store. Use a small table to prop the projector and adjust height and resolution for maximum viewing pleasure. For sound be sure to attach speakers via Bluetooth or auxiliary. Keep the noise in check, however, and be mindful of your neighbors. Backyard movie night is a cheap and fun way to enjoy the movies underneath the stars.

These are just a few of the fun ideas for backyard entertaining you can do during winter. Whether you’re partying indoors or out, getting together with friends and loved ones is what makes it all worthwhile. From all of us at Garden Winds, have a happy and safe holidays and a happy new year!

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