Backyard Trends for 2019

by Garden Winds

Another year, another new backyard style? I know, it’s a lot to ask considering we just got through the holidays and we are still in winter, so no one is thinking about their outdoor space right now. But spring is a few months away, so it doesn’t hurt to get started thinking about improving and enhancing your yard. Whether it’s replacing old furniture or changing the color of your umbrella, or even planting vegetables in your garden, it’s never too late to brainstorm all the possibilities when it comes to your outdoor space. That way you’ll be ready to enjoy it when Spring rolls around. Here are a few backyard trends you may want to consider to refresh your space.

Create a Staycation Area

Why not create a little getaway right outside your home by creating a staycation spot? There are times when all you want to do is relax and enjoy a weekend at home. With a few additions to your outdoor space, you can design your own little outdoor oasis that you'll never want to leave. Invest in plush and comfortable patio furniture so you’ll have a reason to want to hang out and be lazy outdoors. Include a fire pit as the central focal point of your staycation area. If you like to listen to music, install outdoor speakers that are weatherproof or purchase a wireless Bluetooth speaker. To add ambiance, install outdoor lighting. You may also want to add a small outdoor refrigerator to serve cold beverages. Once you create this space, you’ll never want to leave!

Outdoor Bar

You can take your staycation area one step further and install a bar where you and your guests can enjoy drinks from the comforts of your own backyard. There is no need to designate a driver and deal with crowds and expensive cocktails. Look for sustainable and ecofriendly materials when considering building a bar area outdoors. No bar is complete without a wine cabinet, fridge and bar stools. An outdoor bar enhances the value of your property as well. Now you can enjoy a nice evening with your friends and family right outside your door.

Keep it Low Maintenance

As water is a precious resource and with some areas and regions suffering from drought, you may want to consider creating a garden landscape with plants that do not require a lot of water to thrive. Even if your area is not experiencing drought, you can still be water conscious and consider landscaping that’s low maintenance. There a lot of colorful flowers and bushes that are drought tolerant. Visit your local nursery to talk with a specialist about the many different plants that do not need a lot of care and watering. You will have a bright and vibrant garden that will remain colorful almost all year round!

Potted Plants Galore

Potted plants are not just for the indoors anymore. Transport some of your indoor plants outside. Plants can be housed indoors or outdoors, as long as they are cared for just the same. Exotic style plants that have unique leaves and stems are trending and can make any outdoor space appealing and lush. Hanging plants will also make a statement in 2019.

Add Shade and Touch of Design with a Gazebo or Pergola

If you think your outdoor space is fine you do not want to make any drastic changes this time around, but want to add a little bet of exterior design without spending too much is the addition of a gazebo or pergola. Offered in many different sizes and styles, gazebos add shade and functionality to your backyard. They provide shade on hot days and serve as an extension of your home. Add an outdoor rug and cozy outdoor patio furniture. Be on the look out for the latest offerings of gazebos and pergolas at your local chain store or online come this Spring. They come in different sizes, so if you are going to put the structure in a specific area in your backyard, make sure to measure first.

Whether or not you redesign your yard or add little touches of design and style, there is no wrong or right. What you make of your outdoor space is all your own and as long as it makes you happy and comfortable, that’s all that matters. Happy 2019!

Photos courtesy of: The Chronicles of Home, Pinterest, Good Housekeeping, Blue Zoo Writers, Landscaping Network




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