10 X 10 Universal Replacement Canopy 2-Tiered - RIPLOCK 350
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Price: $74.99
Model: [LCM412B-RS]
Available Models:
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Garden Winds Product Advice: This is a universal gazebo canopy.  This canopy has been designed to provide a general fit, not a custom fit, for most first generation square 10' x 10' gazebos.  It is possible that this canopy may not fit your gazebo properly.  Garden Winds encourages you to first try to identify and purchase one of the custom fit canopies on our website for your gazebo.  If a custom canopy is not available, then you should consider a universal canopy for your gazebo.  This canopy will not fit gazebos with a corner pocket canopy design. 
  • Industry exclusive 350-Denier fabric with RipLock Technology.
  • The top tier measures 36" x 36". The outer perimeter of the main canopy is 120" x 120".
  • Mosquito net lining between top and bottom tier.
  • Polymer coating for protection against UV rays from sun and increased durability.
  • Velcro straps allow easy installation and attachment to gazebo.
  • This product is water resistant, not water proof.
  • Anti-rust brass grommet rings to ensure proper water drainage.
  • Designed for a square gazebo, not a hexagon gazebo.
  • Pitch of roof is 30" (enlarge picture to see details).

This product can also be purchased with a four-sided mosquito netting, sold as a set only. Should you need the four-sided mosquito netting, Garden Winds highly recommends that you purchase the canopy and netting set now, as we will not sell the mosquito netting separately at a later time.



Replacement Canopy Installation Instructions

Safety First: WARNING!!! This process requires a person to use a ladder to reach the top of the gazebo. It is important that the ladder that you use be stable and safe. It is important that a second person be present in the event you need help. Safety should be your number one priority to prevent falling during installation. If you do not feel comfortable removing or installing the canopy, please seek a professional for help.

Remove Your Old Canopy First

1. Ladder - You will need a stable ladder that will allow you to safely reach the top of the gazebo.

2. Loosen Bottom Tier Canopy – Unfasten all Velcro straps. Velcro straps are usually located on the seams of the canopy. Next begin removing the bottom tier canopy. Start with any corner. Pull the canopy fabric away from the corner, and then towards the center of the gazebo roof. Repeat this for all four corners of the bottom tier canopy. With the bottom tier canopy loosened, push the fabric of the bottom tier towards the center of the roof, and let the canopy sit there on the frame for now. Now it’s time to remove the top tier canopy.

3. Remove the Top Tier Canopy – Start by removing the roof bars from the corner pockets. Do this by pulling the corner pockets away from the center of the gazebo. Repeat this for all four corners. Unfasten any Velcro straps that are attached to the top tier frame. You should now be able to completely remove the top tier canopy from your gazebo.

4. Remove the Bottom Tier Canopy – Remove the bottom tier canopy from the gazebo by looping the center square hole through the top tier frame. The top tier frame has four prongs, each pointing towards one corner of the gazebo. This process will require you to loop the center hole of the bottom canopy through one prong at a time. The first prong is always the most difficult. The process gets easier with each prong of top tier. If the center hole of the canopy is too tight to fit through the prongs, you may need to temporarily loosen the prongs of the top tier from the hub. Once done, you can completely remove the canopy from the gazebo.

Installing New Canopy

1. Ladder - You will need a stable ladder that will allow you to safely reach the top of the gazebo.

2. Partially Install Bottom Tier Canopy – First, remove the top tier from the bottom tier by unzipping the netting that attaches the top tier and bottom tier together. Then, begin by installing the bottom tier canopy first. Do this by looping the center square hole of the bottom canopy through the top tier frame. The top tier frame has four prongs. Loop the center hole of the bottom canopy through each prong, one prong at a time. Do this for all four prongs. If you loosened the top tier roof bars during removal of the old canopy, here is when you want to tighten the top tier roof bars in place. Doing this will allow you to install the top tier later. Once this is done, let the bottom tier canopy rest on the roof structure. Do not fully install the bottom tier canopy yet, you will still need access to the top of the gazebo to install the top tier.

3. Install the Top Tier Canopy – Rest the top tier canopy on the top tier frame. Pull each corner of the top tier towards the end of the prongs. Insert ends of prongs into the corner pockets one prong at a time. You will need to pull a little harder on the last corner pocket to complete the installation.

4. Fully Install Bottom Tier Canopy - Begin by pulling the corners of the canopy towards the corners of the gazebo frame. Fasten the bottom tier tightly to the frame by placing the corners of the canopy over the corners of the gazebo frame. Do this for all four corner pockets. You will need to pull harder on the last corner pocket, as there is less slack available. Then fasten available Velcro straps to the roof bars. Finally, connect the bottom tier and top tier together via the zipper lining.

5. You’re finished! Enjoy your new canopy!!!

Copyrighted – Garden Winds

1843 Reviews Written for this Product  

5 star s
Very happy with the Riplock replacement canopy top! Bought replacements before but not of this quality, and not for much more money! Thanks!
Submitted by: Marilyn certified buyer
from Woodbury, MN on 06 - 29 - 2014

5 star s
Fantastic product perfect fit. The customer service associate was a great help. Intend on buying another one in a different color. Picture included.
Submitted by: John certified buyer
from , on 07 - 02 - 2012

4 star s
I originally ordered spruce and once I did it realized i should have gotten sage. I immediately sent an email and got a response the next day that my order had already shipped. That on one hand was excellent service, but not so good to make any changes. Well I got the spruce and I do like it, so next year I will order the sage. The fit is pretty good, not exact at the top of the two tiered, too much fabric so it will not vent properly but the fabric and the richness of the color are excellent. Overall, it looks good.
Submitted by: Cheryl certified buyer
from , on 05 - 12 - 2012

5 star s
Very satisfied with this gazebo canopy replacement. Quality construction, easy installation, good fit.
Submitted by: Camille certified buyer
from , on 03 - 21 - 2012

5 star s
We bought the original at a "..mart" store and we got about three seasons out of it before it started looking bad. We looked for replacements and they didn't seem available until we found your website. This product was sent very promptly and it is a better quality fabric and construction than the original was. It fit the frame very well also. Thank you for being there.
Submitted by: Fred certified buyer
from , on 07 - 02 - 2011
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