Oval Dome Gazebo Replacement Canopy - RIPLOCK 350
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Price: $159.99
Model: [LCM457B-RS]
Available Models:
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OEM Gazebo Specifications

Gazebo Name

Oval Dome Gazebo
Pacific Casual
Manufacturer's Model Number


Retailer/Store SKU Home Depot 3413-1295
Approximate Frame Size
9.5' x 12.5'
Roof Type Single Tiered Dome
Overhang Style Classic overhang
Signature Indicators of Gazebo
  • Sloping dome shaped roof
  • Lattice design on curved corner panels
RipLock Replacement Canopy Specifications
350 Denier with RipLock Technology
Canopy Color Beige Whisper (different from original)
Attachment Type
Velcro straps
Fire Resistance
CPAI-84 US Standard
Treated for protection against UV
Moisture Water Resistant
Box Content Replacement canopy only
Country of Origin



Replacement Canopy Installation Instructions

Safety First: WARNING!!! This process requires a person to use a ladder to reach the top of the gazebo. It is important that the ladder that you use be stable and safe. It is important that a second person be present in the event you need help. Safety should be your number one priority to prevent falling during installation. If you do not feel comfortable removing or installing the canopy, please seek a professional for help.

Remove Your Old Canopy First

1. Ladder - You will need a stable ladder that will allow you to safely reach the top of the gazebo.

2. Loosen the Canopy – Unfasten all Velcro straps. Velcro straps are located on the seams of the canopy and also at the breaks of the inside valence. Once you have loosened or unfasten all Velcro straps, begin removing the canopy. Start along any outer edge of the gazebo. Pull the canopy fabric away from the edge, and then towards the center of the gazebo roof. Repeat this along the entire gazebo perimeter. You are now ready to completely remove the canopy from the gazebo roof frame.

Installing New Canopy

1. Ladder - You will need a stable ladder that will allow you to safely reach the top of the gazebo.

2. Install the Canopy – Loosely and evenly drape the canopy over the top of the gazebo roof. Begin pulling the edges of the canopy towards the side of the gazebo frame. This canopy is oval in shape. Make sure that the correct sides of the canopy line up with the edge of the gazebo. The trick to installing this canopy is to make sure the seams of the canopy line up perfectly with the roof bars. You will notice that the gaps between the roof bars are wider at the long sides of the gazebo and narrower at the curving end of the gazebo. Use the gap between the seams of the canopy to guide you and to help you line up against the gaps between the roof bars. Keep rotating the canopy until you have a perfect match of seams against roof bars. Fasten the canopy by placing the edge of the canopy over the sides of the gazebo frame. Then fasten the Velcro straps along the breaks of the inside valence.

3. You’re finished! Enjoy your new canopy!!!

Copyrighted – Garden Winds

170 Reviews Written for this Product  

5 star s
Awesome! Looks absolutely beautiful. Strong too. Easy to install. It even matches the stucco on my home. I should have bought this replacement years ago.
Submitted by: Myrna certified buyer
from San Diego, CA on 03 - 15 - 2014

5 star s
It is a very nice product. Much nicer then the one that comes with the gazebo. I received it when they said I would and they even sent papers for and easy return if needed. Mine fit perfectly so I won't have to return it, but it gave me comfort knowing if I did need to, they were willing to accept it. I would recommend this product and this company to friends and family. Thank you Garden Winds!
Submitted by: Joyce certified buyer
from Holland, MI on 07 - 22 - 2014

5 star s
Your service was great.
Submitted by: Tonya certified buyer
from Pocatello, ID on 07 - 17 - 2014

5 star s
Happy to find replacement canopy and pleased that it is of superior strength and quality than original canopy. Also, Garden Winds has excellent customer service.
Submitted by: James certified buyer
from Portland, OR on 06 - 28 - 2014

5 star s
It looks great. Service was great and I received it within a week.
Submitted by: Brenda certified buyer
from Carrollton, TX on 06 - 24 - 2014
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